Have your say! RMCG, a regional research firm, is conducting a community survey about the Escarpment Corridor in Southern Georgian Bay on behalf of ECA. Take five minutes and ensure YOUR voice is heard. 

Click the following link to take the survey,

Your opinions are valuable. All of your responses will be completely confidential. Invest in your future by sharing your options by March 31, 2023. 



Sign the petition to let the provincial government know our community is demanding action, and we need it now. Our petition:

1 Calls upon the Ontario provincial government enact legislation which would prevent large-scale development on the Escarpment lands (such as the proposed subdivision on the 1,500 acres of the Castle Glen Forest); and

2 Demands that the Ontario government permanently protect this environmentally significant ecosystem through legislation and committed funding which creates interconnected corridors of natural spaces for shared wildlife and recreational uses.

Castle Glen Video

Check out our video showing what will be lost, forever, if the proposed Castle Glen subdivision proceeds. Over 1,500 acres of forest replaced by 1,600 homes, a gas station, golf courses, and a hotel. Bye bye natural carbon sink, sensitive ecosystem, natural habitat, and important headwaters — right on the brow of the Escarpment!

It could all be gone. Forever.

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Land Acknowledgement

We are grateful to live, work, and learn on the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Ojibway, and Anishinabek. This territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties. 

We acknowledge and deeply appreciate their historic connection to this place since time immemorial. We also recognize the contributions that Haudenosaunee, Ojibway, Anishinabek, and other Indigenous peoples have made, both in shaping and strengthening this community in particular, and our province and country as a whole.

This recognition of the contributions and historic importance of Indigenous peoples must also be clearly and overtly connected to our collective commitment to do our part to advance reconciliation in our communities. We must work together to ensure our communities advance relationships with Indigenous peoples built on meaningful consultation rooted in truth and imbued with justice.