Protect The Talisman Public Lands

The Municipality of Grey Highlands sold the celebrated Talisman public lands to a Toronto-area developer, in spite of community opposition and inadequate public consultations. The municipality rejected a higher offer from the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, instead, choosing a proposal which will put private interests ahead of our community’s future.   

This 134-acres site is the bedrock of the local community and enjoyed by nature lovers from across the region. To see this site sold for a developer to build on is a major blow to the Grey Highlands area. Grey Highlands council acted irresponsibly by ignoring community voices and, without explanation, selling under-value when there were higher offers on the table.   

We can’t allow Grey Highlands to sign away the natural heritage of our rural community to an urban developer. Join us – and many others in the South Georgian Bay region – in calling on the Municipality of Grey Highlands to put a stop reckless and unwanted urban development.   

Our partners at Protecting Talisman Lands Association have been closely following this issue and opposing this irresponsible development. Check out their site for more information: