Create a Legacy Loop

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance is working on creating a protected network of forest corridors and trails in a broad 2,200 sq km circular area.  Within this Legacy Loop circle sits the main area of focus, an ‘H’-shaped network of wilderness corridors defined by the Blue Mountain and Beaver Valley Niagara ‘verticals’.  Connecting these verticals to form the ‘H’ requires a critical 25 km east-west corridor extending from Castle Glen to Talisman.

This ‘H’, represents over 500 sq. kms of incredibly beautiful and sensitive forest, wetlands and watersheds.  Some of this land is already protected thanks to the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, Bruce Trail Conservancy, Grey County Forests and Provincial Parks.  But they are disconnected, limiting the ability to create truly interconnected corridors of forest and trails, which the latest science is proving to be critical to a vibrant eco-system.

The vision is to have the Legacy Loop act as a unifying force to help protect a wide array of sensitive and threatened Escarpment eco-systems that is home to five critical watersheds:

  • Batteaux
  • Beaver
  • Silver Creek
  • Pretty River
  • Mad River

The vision also includes expanding the existing 100+ kms of trails, complimenting the Bruce Trail and connecting it with other existing networked publicly accessible footpaths and single-track.  The connected trail system would allow for more sustainable use while showcasing the many vistas, valleys and villages that make the Legacy Loop above South Georgian Bay so unique!

Protecting Talisman and Castle Glen areas is critical to creating this corridor network!