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Save The Castle Glen Forest

One of the region’s most popular outdoor recreation sites is slated for destruction at the hands of a Toronto-area developer. The historic Castle Glen site with its hundreds of acres of forest could soon become a megadevelopment unless our community joins together to protect the area.   

The project will replace more than 1,135 football fields worth of forest (1,500 acres) and natural space with 1,600 houses, 300 hotel units, 3 golf courses, businesses, and other commercial developments. This would be the largest development of its kind along the brow of the Niagara Escarpment since the creation of the Niagara Escarpment Commission. Our municipal infrastructure simply cannot safely handle this strain on our water supply, and roads. It’s inappropriate development at the cost of taxpayer-funded infrastructure and most importantly the natural beauty of the region we are all fortunate to call home.  

If the Castle Glen development goes forward as planned, our region’s wildlife will be displaced and their habitats destroyed – all to line the pockets of wealthy developers from Toronto. The green spaces in our community are rapidly depleting and we cannot lose such a significant area to build a new mini-city in an old forest.  

Join us in calling on the Town of The Blue Mountains to preserve the historic Castle Glen site and surrounding forests by supporting community-led planning.   

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