Bill 23

Information and Comments

Like you, and so many organizations around the province, we are deeply troubled by the government’s proposed changes to the planning process through Bill 23 and the impact that it would have on Ontario’s natural heritage.

We’ve submitted our comments to the government and encourage all of you to share your thoughts on Bill 23 with your MPP via email (for example and, and to the province through the Environmental Registry of Ontario and Ontario’s Regulatory Registry (links below).

As part of your submissions, consider including the following key messages, or feel free to adapt from any of the documents from aligned organizations listed below:

  • Don’t block public participation in planning decisions.
    • We object to the government’s plan to limit public participation in the planning process, including the removal of public information meetings.
    • Ontarians have every right to comment on the decisions that impact their communities – the interests of developers do not come first.
  • Support our Conservation Authorities – don’t take away their powers.
    • Conservation Authorities play a critical role in disaster mitigation and land conservation. We need them to minimize the impacts of development and preserve Ontario’s natural heritage.
    • Responsible developments aren’t impeded by Conservation Authorities – are you trying to fast-track irresponsible plans?
  • Don’t meddle with fair processes.
    • The government’s changes to the Ontario Land Tribunal Act would shut out participation and unfairly help wealthy proponents. It’s anti-democratic and it offends our norms.
    • Withdraw your changes to the Act and preserve the OLT’s impartiality, legitimacy, and fair processes.

To comment on specific parts of Bill 23 through the Environmental Registry of Ontario or Ontario’s Regulatory Registry, please use the links to each section below:

To send to your MPP, you can find their contact information HERE. In South Georgian Bay:

To read the ECA’s submission on Bill 23 to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy, please use the link HERE.

Check out some of the comments from aligned organizations: