Expressing gratitude to outgoing members and welcoming new leaders!

The Escarpment Corridor Alliance (ECA), a beacon of environmental preservation in South Georgian Bay, recently marked a pivotal moment in its journey by welcoming fresh faces to its esteemed Board of Directors. While celebrating new beginnings, the organization also expressed profound gratitude for the contributions of two key members who had been instrumental since its inception in 2021.

In 2021, George Knowles and David Middleton were among the visionaries who joined hands to form the Escarpment Corridor Alliance. Their tireless commitment, dedication, and unwavering belief in the alliance’s mission have been nothing short of remarkable. As they step down from their positions on the Board, their contributions leave an indelible mark on the ECA’s history.

George Knowles, with his passionate advocacy for environmental preservation, has been a driving force behind the ECA’s initiatives. David Middleton’s financial expertise, as well as his adept management of the alliance’s resources, has played a pivotal role in the ECA’s achievements over the years.

The ECA proudly welcomes a new trio of exceptionally skilled individuals to the Board. These fresh faces, with their unique expertise and unwavering dedication, are poised to further the alliance’s mission:

  • Ian Whitton – Treasurer: Stepping into the role previously held by David Middleton, Ian Whitton brings a wealth of financial acumen to the ECA. His background in fiscal management will be invaluable in sustaining the alliance’s conservation efforts, ensuring that they remain both impactful and sustainable.
  • Martha McCarthy – Legal specialist: With Martha McCarthy’s legal expertise, the ECA gains a guardian of the law. Her insights will guide the alliance through the complex legal terrain of conservation and environmental preservation, ensuring that their mission remains ethically and legally sound.
  • Dale Biddell – Expert in the charitable sector: Dale Biddell, an expert in the charitable sector, will contribute to the ECA’s operational excellence. Her deep understanding of the intricacies of governing a nonprofit organization ensures the alliance remains transparent, accountable, and effective.

The ECA’s commitment to conserving the unique and awe-inspiring beauty of South Georgian Bay’s escarpment remains unwavering. With the addition of these new Board members, the alliance is poised to reach new heights in its quest to protect this natural treasure for generations to come.

The ECA’s journey is one of ongoing dedication, and with this new chapter in their history, they are more determined than ever to safeguard the splendor of the South Georgian Bay escarpment for all to enjoy.

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