Talisman Community Meeting on December 29

The Beaver Valley is being threatened by a massive development – and our friends at the Protecting Talisman Lands Association continue to fight against this destructive proposal. Join us on Thursday, December 29th from 3-5 PM at Kimberley Hall to learn more.

If you are unable to attend but would like to receive an information package please contact us at talismanlands@gmail.com.

It will be a ‘world cafe’ style event with a quick overview of the initial development proposal, brief presentations by many of the community (and other) groups involved, followed by a social time for sharing information, questions etc. Refreshments will be available downstairs in the hall; a heartfelt thank you Stacie (Kimberley General Store) and Justin (Justin’s Oven) for their continued support!

What are some of the ongoing concerns with the proposed development on the Talisman Public Lands?

  1. 500+ units: Only 15% smaller than all of Markdale! Adds 300% more homes in Amik/Kimberley.
  2. Unknown Costs: Many questions about payment for the short-term and long-term costs to install and maintain the infrastructure: 7a road paving, water treatment plant expansion, sewage installation, subdivision road plowing, etc.
  3. Uncoordinated planning: Plans only address the upper and lower parcels and not the middle portion, including the former resort buildings.
  4. Environmental devastation: A new town in the middle of the Niagara Escarpment is nothing less than devastating.

Join us on Thursday, December 29th from 3-5 PM at Kimberly Hall to learn more. Masks required.

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