Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Releases Castle Glen Position Paper

The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust has reviewed available reports and provided their perspective on several key environmentally sensitive aspects related to the Castle Glen proposed development, that seem to have been disregarded in the plans for this ecologically highly sensitive area.  On every count, they have found evidence that the proposed building plans for a new mini-city in some of our oldest forests is completely irresponsible.

In Summary…

In the opinion of the Watershed Trust, concerns that need to be carefully considered are water quality, “the development’s location on the escarpment face (too low), the use of the Lake of the Clouds as a storm water facility and golf-course irrigation reservoir, location of a large portion of the proposed development in the vulnerable karst area above Lake of the Clouds, the potential detrimental effect on the groundwater table level in the event that Castle Glen starts pumping the 1,300,000 liters per day as approved by their Permit to Take Water, the extensive tree clearing required which will cause habitat destruction and species disruption, and the visual impacts of the proposal which will extend well beyond the area being considered by the developer’s consultants.”[i] This development is to be located in one of the most “sensitive areas of this internationally significant natural heritage area.”

Read the full report for more details on:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Resources
  • Wetlands- Silver Creek Wetland Complex
  • Wildlife Habitats

[i] Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation. “Castle Glen Resort Community: An Environmental Disaster”  

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