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This election will decide the future of municipal planning and environmental policy in our region – shaping the choices that will define our communities for decades to come. 

Councillors make important decisions that impact our communities every day, and we need to return candidates who support responsible development and sustainable solutions for South Georgian Bay. Make sure to have your say on October 24, 2022!

There are early and online voting options, and if you rent or own in more than one municipality you can vote in both – so check to confirm you are on the voter’s list! Click the logos below to check your municipality’s website for full details and to ensure you are on the voter’s list.

ECA Candidate Outreach

ECA has reached out to all candidates in The Blue Mountains, Grey Highlands, Collingwood, and Clearview to gauge their support for our mission. We asked them to make a simple pledge.

If elected, would they commit to prioritizing:

  1. The protection and conservation of our natural areas
  2. Only responsible development for the region

These two overarching principles, which guide ECA’s work, were supported by 7 specific, meaningful, and actionable policies.

Click here to see the letter sent to candidates with the full list of policies.

The Results – Who’s Signed

Here’s the list of candidates who have signed our pledge so far (as of October 22, 2022 at 10 AM):

Melanie Ann Seeley, Candidate for Deputy Mayor

Roger David Tumminieri, Candidate for Councillor

Joe Van der Vechte, Candidate for Councillor

For more information on Grey Highlands candidates, check out the survey results from our friends at the Protect Talisman Lands Association here.

Chuck Arrand, Candidate for Deputy Mayor

Marty Beelen, Candidate for Councillor – Ward 5

Thom Patterson, Candidate for Councillor – Ward 2

For more information on the Clearview candidates’ stances on the environment and climate change, check out Jim Campbell and Suzanne Wesetvik’s survey results HERE, which are outlined in a letter to the editor in the Creemore Echo.

If you don’t see your preferred candidate’s name on the list, reach out to them and tell them their commitment to ECA’s mission is important to you!

You can click on your municipality’s logo to get any candidate’s contact information.



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Voting Day – October 24, 2022